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About National Hospitality Staffing

The primary goal of National Hospitality Staffing is to provide reliable and qualified staffing at an affordable cost. We understand the importance of having perfect candidates at your facility. We minimize the time and hassle you'll spend trying to find the perfect staff. We would love the opportunity to discuss our services further, please contact us at your convenience.

1) Expertise

National Hospitality Staffing is dedicated to staying current on employment trends, understanding and the needs of our clients, law changes specific to the areas in which we provide staffing, while utilizing the most effective recruiting practices to ensure success. It is our mission to deliver at our client's request. Ability to deliver is the backbone of our business.

2) Company Savings

Using National Hospitality Staffing is a cost effective solution for certain processes and positions within your company. Your cost savings will be realized in the following ways:

Time: Recruiting, screening and hiring a candidate takes a lot of time. Delegating these tasks to an expert will reduce the amount of time and expenses spent on the hiring process. Hiring our agency will allow you to onboard new team members quickly, reducing down time.

Advertising Dollars: National Hospitality Staffing has set aside advertising dollars for recruiting and is already building a work bench to include the talent you need. You can leverage our dollars and save yours!

Convert Fixed Costs to Variable Costs: For some positions in your company, save money by converting your “Fixed Employee Cost” to "Variable Employee Cost”. For example, if your business has very little room for overhead costs but you still need employees to meet ration standards per Bright from the Start - you could use a staffing agency only when you had orders to fill.

3) Reduce Risk

When you engage the services of National Hospitality Staffing, you get the talent without the HR overhead. An employee reports to you with your company not having to absorb liability for workman’s comp, payroll taxes, or unemployment claims. Hiring a National Hospitality Staffing employee is also better protection than hiring an independent contractor.

4) Flexibility

As a business owner, you can use our agency’s employees as much or little as you need to! This enables the company to maintain flexibility to discontinue assistance once work has been completed. During slower times of the year, you can downsize without going through painful layoffs. During busy times, you will have access to external employees who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days.

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