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National Hospitality Staffing's internal team brings a host of valuable skills and experiences to the table. Each member is dedicated to a set of core values, which are supported by, and work to assist in delivering on the mission and vision of National Hospitality Staffing.

Housekeeping & Banquet Services:

To accommodate our hotel and hospitality clients' staffing needs, we recruit for valet trash services. In addition, we hire Banquet staff for fine dining to include servers, bartenders, and captains. We provide cooks, dishwashers, housekeepers and supervisors, housemen, laundry attendants, maintenance personnel, and hotel breakfast staff. We demand excellent service be provided by all employees, as they are the face of National Hospitality Staffing.

National Hospitality Staffing is always on standby to assist with your staffing needs. We provide employees on a temporary basis as needed. Work assignments are based on your needs, be they long or short term, we aim to deliver. NHS employees may be hired permanently at your company's sole discretion. Employee transfers are based on set guidelines per the signed business contract. One of our internal team members will be assigned to your account to serve as a liaison between us, your center, and the employees we provide to you. We have no doubt you will be pleased with the results we provide!!!

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